Love makeup and understand the discharge makeup Because you fear plug the pores, wholesale mac makeup site every coating thin segregation frost, obscure; She is not every day, and change the exquisite makeup look, brilliant. However, your pores is more and more big, she is tender as at the beginning. And sisters, this is the importance of the discharge makeup, with what discharge makeup, how to discharge makeup, difference step, really bad very big! So, love colour makeup, but also to understand the discharge makeup!
Discharge makeup product categories:Wholesale Mac Makeup .
1. The discharge makeup oil
Mode of action: oil soluble oil, the dissolution of colour makeup oil, let its peeling off, when discharge makeup oil of emulsifier reuse hydrophile-lipophile characteristics, remove dirt.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Suitable for type: neutral, oil (note after use clean) before use, sensitivity to trial, blain muscle less. Effect is very strong, especially suitable for thick makeup.
2. Makeup remover
Mode of action: do not contain oil, main effect is small molecule glycerin, propylene glycol, butyl glycol, ethylene glycol, xylitol and polyhydric alcohol soluble makeup, to achieve the purpose of makeup.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Suitable for type: sensitivity, oily and combination skin, isolation foundation and simple make-up.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
3. Discharge makeup milk
Mode of action: surfactant and polyol, emulsifier help discharge makeup, oily skin, water water, strong ability to discharge makeup.
Suitable for types: suitable for all skin and weak makeup makeup face, powder, liquid foundation, etc.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
4. Discharge makeup cream
Mode of action: and discharge makeup milk similar, but add the stearic acid, make the product quality of a material is set, discharge makeup ability strong makeup than milk.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Suitable for type:, dry skin and use honey powder, liquid foundation, lasting type liquid foundation, lasting type foundation cream makeup face.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
5. Epoxy resin facial cleanser
Mode of action: the same is to rely on oil and oil between the solvency, remove dirt.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Suitable for type: the skin, most of the so-called epoxy resin discharge makeup facial cleanser to clean discharge.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
Find the one that best suits their skin of discharge makeup product, coupled with coincidence method, it can effectively discharge makeup.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
1. The discharge makeup to points area
The general daily nursing, a discharge makeup product can get the whole face. If the application is fair, will regional discharge makeup, eye week and lip with corresponding discharge makeup product. And eye week skin is relatively weak, when discharge makeup, covet of avoid by all means is convenient, daub a few times, perfunctory.Wholesale Mac Makeup .
2. Of discharge makeup
Too much force and program trival is not desirable. Eye week and his lips just need to let contains discharge makeup product make up cotton apply the ten seconds, then slightly wipe, and nose and forehead is a little massage.
3. After facial cleaning cleaning
After discharge makeup must use facial cleanser cleaning. Discharge makeup product of oil or surface active agent and so on, is unable to use clean water clean, and stay for a long time, you may damage your skin. Wholesale Mac Makeup .