With coffee make deep joker eye makeup

Why magazine star all the year round only paint coffee? Why makeup girl only recommend coffee let an eye look more abstruse? Seemingly monotone color, in fact is the most safe, best change, also is the most profound eye color. mac makeup wholesale .Teach you how to use coffee make deep joker eye makeup

Colour makeup steps:

Step1. With your fingers or cotton bar, Wholesale Mac Makeup ,such as gray, brown, purple, and blue system of light color with eye shadow, with the lid, try to wipe clean and uniform

Step2. Choose the color with dark eye shadow, Mac Makeup Wholesale ,once upon a time canthus to eye end direction daub, brunet eye shadow to the width of the upper eyelid width 1/2, the former canthus color a little light, the closer the eye end, colour and lustre is heavier

Step3. With your fingers or brush gently dizzy catch brunet eye shadow and light color eye shadow border, cheap Mac Makeup wholesale ,make its natural cohesion

Step4. Corner point before a few light powder, in the process conspicuous tail brunet eye shadow, successful build deep feeling at the same time, ,make the corner before present such as reflective the natural luster

Step5. Use brunet eye shadow from the lower eyelid eye tail began to light, Wholesale Mac Makeup online store ,and the next line near the eye end part 1/3 of the repeated dizzy catch

Step6. With a little light powder from the near corner before start next eyelid, Wholesale Mac Makeup online ,dizzy catch the other two-thirds part

Step7. Use fill eyelash void method, in the eyelash root trace out fine and clear look line, Wholesale Mac Makeup ,and a little longer eye end, make the eye is outspread feeling, make eyes more deep

Step8. If too effect is not enough to make public, with a pair of long false eyelash, cheap Mac Makeup wholesale ,deep eye makeup is being accomplished.


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